Welcome from Alyssa

Alyssa has worked as a successful international therapist in the world of hormones, which affect women and men physically, mentally and emotionally. She has real-world experience with people, explaining complex impacts on health and wellbeing. Alyssa has written non-fiction books and has consistently been published in the international professional press for many years.

Now Alyssa is also using this extraordinary knowledge and understanding to weave a story in her debut novel that may surprise you about the powerful impact hormones can have on your life This is exciting to Alyssa as many things that couldn’t be conveyed in the world of non-fiction can now find their place within a story.

Just Out…Alyssa’s Debut Novel

Sometimes you don’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late.  

A dangerous attraction is never just about the couple who couldn’t help themselves.  At first, it all seemed ‘typical’, a stale marriage coming to . a cliched ending.  But then it unravels to create life-changing situations for all those involved.  Choices had to be made in love, life and death.